Membership & Giving

Whether it’s a monthly donation, an annual membership, or a one-time gift, your contribution to Carolina Tiger Rescue goes straight to work helping to save wild cats in need.

 Make a gift today and help Carolina Tiger Rescue save and protect wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

Designate to one of our speciality funds: Rescue, Habitat or Medical Fund

 Your Carolina Tiger Rescue Membership provides valuable financial support for all our animals. 

Adoption is a great way to support Carolina Tiger Rescue and form a life-long relationship with a wild cat.

A gift through your estate can make a tremendous impact at Carolina Tiger Rescue.

The cats need you!  Support Carolina Tiger Rescue in other ways!

Our cats need to eat!  Want a fun way to support the cats? Join the Big Cat Dinner Club and feed the cats for a day, a week, or even a month! 

There’s a wonderful way you can support the cats – by shopping for them!.  We keep an ongoing list of important needed items on our Amazon Wish List.