Carolina Tiger Rescue, formerly the Carnivore Preservation Trust, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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At Carolina Tiger Rescue, we are committed to caring for our animals for the length of their lives- so we are always heartbroken to see them go. Here are some of the cherished animals that left an imprint on our hearts.

     Apache Tiger
     Avalon Leopard
     Bali Tiger
     Baroness Caracal
     Bocca Caracal
     Carmelita Tiger
     Chancy Leopard
     Cheyenne Caracal
     Coda Binturong
     Connor Tiger
     Disney Binturong
     Disraeli Leopard
     Eliza Tiger
     Elwood Jaguar
     Hannah Tiger
     Henry Leopard
     Isabella Tiger
     Java Tiger
     Jellybean Tiger
     Jog Ocelot
     Kiara Caracal
     Kiniki Caracal
     Kizmet Tiger
     Levra Leopard
     Lucky Tiger
     Manassas Tiger
     Marcus Tiger
     Micro Tiger
     Nitro Tiger
     Pena Snow Leopard
     Pollo Tiger
     Queen Victoria Leopard
     Rajaji Tiger
     Romeo Tiger
     Rotten Binturong
     Shadow Leopard
     Shalimar Tiger
     Skylar Binturong
     Tex Tiger
     Titan Tiger
     Tristan Binturong
     Vincent Tiger

This memorial page was started in late 2005. Carolina Tiger Rescue has had animals in its care for multiple generations, so this is by no means a complete list of animals that live in the memory of our family of members, donors, and volunteers. If you would like to see a memorial to one of your favorite animals, please send us your comments.