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Jog Ocelot


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Jog Ocelot, one of Carolina Tiger Rescue's older residents, actually was an "immigrant", having been brought to the United States from another country. His living quarters at Carolina Tiger Rescue were off the beaten path so that he wouldn't be disturbed by too many people. He didn't seem to be very fond of many people but did get used to frequent visitors.

Jog was a very wary and cautious cat. When I first began visiting him, he would crouch down, belly close to the ground, and then slink along the fence stalking me as I walked by his enclosure. Often his little pink tongue would be hanging slightly outside his mouth, which only slightly diminished his "predatory look". The offer of a piece of lean beef brought out his hunting instincts - he'd snag the meat with a lightning strike of his paw at the end of the stick extending the treat.

Jog unfortunately developed allergies and a skin condition that required medication. His beautiful pelt was marked by red hairless spots. With age he also stopped moving about with the ocelot's usual agility. But right up to the end of his life, he was still interested in treats; towards the end, I got them to him in his den box so he didn't have to move so much to get them.

Eventually Jog lost some of his wariness with me and I really enjoyed seeing him after leading the tours to see some of Carolina Tiger Rescue's more sociable animals. Jog died due to liver failure and he is now missed by staff and volunteers.

Tribute by Maria deBruin.

Photo/s courtesy of Maria deBruin, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue