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Manassas Tiger


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In February, 2007, Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) lost the last remaining Virginia Girl, Manassas Tiger, to liver failure.

Manassas was especially known for her sweet nature. She would often call for company from her enclosure at the back of the compound.

Manassas was part of a trio of rescued tigers dubbed the Virginia Girls. The three tigers were found in a cramped, manure-filled cattle trailer in Rockingham, VA in August, 1996. Wildlife officials in Virginia secured a home for them at Carolina Tiger Rescue. They were named Antietam, Manassas, and Shiloh after Civil War battles, reflecting their own troubled start (Shiloh was later renamed Micro). After Antietam died of cancer in July, 2003, Micro and Manassas kept the faith of their story; shy representatives waiting to greet those who ventured into the deepest part of the compound.

Manassas and Micro in their Golden Years

Four men were originally indicted in Virginia for their treatment of the tigers. Charges included illegal possession and unlawfully conspiring to sell an endangered species. All four men plead guilty and were fined and sentenced to six months in jail per count. Under the plea agreements, the jail time was suspended. Fines ranged from $600-$1000, and the men were required to complete a year of unsupervised probation.

Manassas was treasured as the last representative of the Virginia Girls' legacy, and as such, held a special place in our hearts. Carolina Tiger Rescue will continue to share her story, in the hopes that one day there will be more respect and appreciation for such a regal species.


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Tribute by Amanda Byrne.