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Chancy Leopard


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Chancy came by her name well. Although she was a smaller leopard at Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT), she was keen and trim. She only accepted the most faithful visitors, and for the others? Well, Carolina Tiger Rescue's curator commented, "when she looks at you, she's deciding which part she wants to eat first and which part to save for later."

Chancy lived in her shady retreat with Henry leopard, and was a perfect representative of the elegance, intelligence, and danger of a wild leopard.

Carolina Tiger Rescue lost Chancy at the age of 22. She started showing symptoms of system failure very quickly, and staff made the difficult decision to euthanize. Her necropsy showed she had a uterine infection.

Losing Chancy was difficult for the Carolina Tiger Rescue family because at the time she represented the last leopard at the facility, and, more so than our other leopards, had retained the wild nature that truly belongs to big cats. Chancy was a wonderful reminder of what the we lose by not allowing these magnificent creatures their own space in the world.

Tribute by Amanda Byrne.