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Hannah was the sister of Connor and Eliza tiger. Hannah was a beautiful, athletic, charismatic female tiger that was always excited when the food truck rolled her way. She was a sensitive girl and could be a bit of a scaredy cat at times. Hannah was frightened by umbrellas and didn't care for landscaping equipment at all. She loved to roll in the grass in her habitat, visit with her adoptive mom at her fence and stalk (and sometimes attack) some of the bigger birds that flew into her habitat. Hannah also had quite a reputation for being a prissy, prissy girl. She didn't like her feet to be muddy and if one of her treats fell on the ground, she preferred to get a new one that wasn't dirty.

Hannah had lost her companion tiger, Ian, in July 2004. In the wild, tigers are solitary creatures and usually only associate with other tigers for brief periods during mating. In captivity, however, they sometimes adapt very well to sharing their space with a partner. In fact, this interaction with a companion animal can dramatically improve their quality of life. When Hannah found herself alone after years of living with Ian, she needed a lot of attention to ease her into a life without him - something the staff and the volunteers at Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) were all to happy to provide. Most notably, her adoptive Mom came every day for months to sit and spend time with Hannah so she wouldn't be lonely during her "grieving".

Video of Hannah and Ian

Carolina Tiger Rescue lost Hannah on Wednesday, September 13, 2006. Her heart stopped beating while she was under anesthesia to treat a uterine infection. Every effort was made to restart her heart, but without success. Although using anesthesia always involves some risk, this turn of events was as unexpected as it was tragic.

Carolina Tiger Rescue staff and "family" will sorely miss Hannah's sweet spirit. Hannah's deep attachment with Ian tiger and her close interaction with her adoptive mom touched all who witnessed it.

Tribute by Julie Brittain & Linda McCalpin.

Photo/s courtesy of Jeff Averill Matthews, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue