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Eliza Tiger


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Eliza and her two siblings (Connor and Hannah) were the last litter of tiger cubs born at Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) in 1995. The plan was for the three tigers to stay together for the rest of their lives; but after they grew up, the two girls started fighting with each other: sibling rivalry, you know! So Hannah was moved to another enclosure, and Eliza shared her enclosure with her brother, Connor.

Eliza's favorite spot on a cold sunny day was on top of her house, managed with just one leap. It was a little more trouble for Connor, who was heavier, so Eliza went up there to get away from him when he got on her nerves.

Eliza was a little bit bossy, but fortunately, Connor gave in and let her rule the roost. She definitely hogged the shaded deck area on hot days and would growl at Connor if he came too close.

Eliza stayed a cub at heart: she tossed her chicken up in the air before eating it, and she loved to sneak up on humans walking by. She would slink up quietly and then just run up to the fence at the last minute as if to say, "Ha! I fooled you."

Eliza was named after Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady."

She passed away in spring, 2008, due to kidney failure.

Tribute by Ruth Stalvey.