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Tex Tiger


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Tex was sedated in late spring 2012 for a physical and to remove an infected dew claw. All went well with knock down and blood work looked good. Although the dew claw healed well, he seemed to have difficultly bouncing back. He was sedated again to run new blood work which also came back without major issues, but never fully recovered from the anesthesia and passed away. On necropsy we found multiple tumors in his chest cavity and throughout his lungs. It appears that he probably had lung cancer.

Tex was a wonderful tiger to know. Although he wasn’t fond of large groups, he certainly enjoyed talking with people that came to visit on their own.

Tex was originally found in September of 1997 chained to a tree near downtown Houston, Texas. He had no food or water and weighed just over 100 lbs. He was cared for by the Houston SPCA before coming to Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) in December. He was declawed by his owners (who were never identified), and neutered by the SPCA. Because he was neutered, it was possible for him to be housed with another male tiger, Jellybean.

Tex Memorial Photo Album

Photo/s courtesy of Amanda Byrne, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue