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Shalimar Tiger


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Shalimar was an exceptionally beautiful, elegant tiger. Her deep chuffle was as delightful as it was soothing to all who heard it.

Shalimar earned the nickname of "The Teflon Tiger" due to the fact that she never appeared dirty. Despite mud from rains, dust from droughts and slush from melted snow, she always shown bright white and deep, warm orange. It was like she emitted her own radiant light even while sitting amongst the shadows of her leafy, lush enclosure.

Shalimar was often seen lounging in her enclosure, watching the volunteers and tours with an expression of curiosity and interest. She would sometimes be flat on her back, all four paws in the air and turn her head to look over at you with something that resembled a serene smile. She was very sweet and polite when seeking treats and you were always given a thank you chuffle for them.

Shalimar loved life. Sometimes she would be so overjoyed with herself that she would bolt right up to the fence and chuffle and talk to the tours and the volunteers like she just had to tell you about her magnificent day. Amidst the chuffles and utterances, she would sort of dance about to show her excitement. Even in the winter, Shalimar was known to run full gait across her enclosure and dive under the snow, only to reappear covered with a crown of snow and positively impressed with the way she had emerged and the way she had stuck her landing. At times, it seemed that if she didn't run around, play and come bolting up to you with tons of things to say, that she would burst from the sheer excitement of her day.

Shalimar came to us as a rescue, but in the end, she rescued many of us. A day never stayed dreary, a frown didn't have enough strength to remain, and doubts were not allowed to linger after having visited our beautiful, beloved Shalimar girl.

Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) lost Shalimar to breast cancer that had spread throughout her abdomen before showing any symptoms. Shalimar will be greatly missed by everyone who came in contact with her. Her sweetness, her gentle spirit, her love of life and her whimsical, angelic nature will be greatly missed.

Photo/s courtesy of Gary Magee, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue