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Queen Victoria Leopard

Queen Victoria

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Mother Tabitha, father Bootney (aka Bootsey). Queen Victoria, "Vic" was the sister of Disraeli leopard, and was herself very outgoing. She was just as pleasant as a leopard can be! She loved to take long, warm sunbaths in the afternoon, and genuinely enjoyed watching the "goings on" at the Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) from up high on one of her enrichment platforms. Like her enclosure-mate, Levra, Vic really enjoyed eating. During a meal, Vic expressed ultimate contentment by rolling over on her back - sometimes rolling on part of her dinner!

With her black pelage (coat), Vic could be one of the stealthiest leopards at the facility. She loved to sneak up on visitors at her enclosure fence, but once she revealed herself, she was always ready with a wide-eyed greeting in anticipation of a treat.

She received her name from Queen Victoria of England who was known to have had a very amicable relationship with the Prime Minister at that time, Benjamin Disraeli.

Vic left us in April, 2006, due to a heart condition. Her gentle nature and innocent gaze will be sorely missed.

Tribute by Julie Brittain/Amanda Byrne.

Photo/s courtesy of Andy and Melissa Foshee, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue