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Isabella Tiger


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Isabella was born at the Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT), and her parents, Pollo and Barbarella, were mother and son - both rescues from the same private owner. Unfortunately, due to irresponsible husbandry, Barbarella came to the organization pregnant with Isabella.

As a result of this unfortunate, but all too common, inbreeding in privately held tigers, Isabella had a brain disorder known as epilepsy. She had seizures, but they were well-controlled with medication (dispensed to Isabella in delicious meat treats!).

Isabella was a beautiful, perfectly proportioned female tiger who lived in an enclosure on Tiger Island (the center area of the facility). She was one of our most social tigers and almost always welcomed visitors at the fence of her habitat with a chorus of elated chuffles. She was even friendlier to male visitors, often rolling in delight of their company.

Carolina Tiger lost Isabella on May 28, 2010. Her health declined in the last 6 months of her life, and staff made the difficult decision to euthanize. Her necropsy showed she had a pyometra (uterus infection) despite antibiotic treatment.

Isabella had such a great love of people and a wonderfully calm way about her. She was a wonderful ambassador to new tigers; always greeting them with a chuffle even when they were less than pleased to make her acquaintance. Many out there loved Izzy deeply. She was a wonderful girl and will be missed.

Tribute by Julie Brittain/Kathryn Bertok.

Photo/s courtesy of Kiran Venkatesh, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue